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What is Shine Guard?

icons of cars, boats, bikes behind protected from a rain cloud using shine guards barrier.

Guard against the elements


Shine Guard Eco Friendly icon

Eco Friendly solution

Shine Guards complex nano-technology solution not only protects your vehicle surface, it also guards against unnecessary harm to the environment.

Shine Guard Quick application icon

Quick application

Our easy spray bottle lets you cover your vehicle surface fast and effortlessly. Simply spray Shine Guard on to a clean dry vehicle and then buff the surface to a visibly high shine.

Shine Guard long lasting icon

Long Lasting Protection

Applying Shine Guard may only take minutes, but the effects last so much longer. One coating will protect your vehicle against the elements for up to 3 months.


table visualising some differences between shine guard and conventional wax/polish.


spray bottle icon with 'step 1' beside

STEP 1 : Spray

Spray a coating of SHINE GUARD Nano Wax directly on to a clean and dry vehicle surface. No water required to apply SHINE GUARD. You can even apply to glass to assist in rain run off and protect from water marks.

icon of hand with a cloth with words 'step 2' beside.

STEP 2: Buff

Use a micro fibre cloth to gently work in the SHINE GUARD solution and buff to a visibly high shine. Do not wash for 24 hours after application.


Simply leave the solution to bond with your vehicle. Do not wash for 24 hours after application.

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